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 Miracle Wheat Grass Juicer

The MIRACLE WHEAT GRASS JUICER extracts health-giving, vitamin-rich juices from wheat grass, leafy vegetables, soft fruits and berries.

The Miracle Wheat Grass juicer comes with 2 screens; one is a 1.1 mm mesh screen and the other screen has larger holes for juicing soft fruits. These screens are made of stainless steel and designed for efficiency. The Miracle Wheat Grass juicer is durable and easy to operate. The cushioning rubber pad on the support foot of the juicer protects the counter or table surface to which it is clamped. The deluxe model has a seperate large hopper which can be used when adding large quantities of product to be juiced.

Price Product Option Quantity Order Item
$69.95 Manual Miracle Wheat Grass Juicer - cast iron/tin plated
Price Product Option Quantity Order Item
$139.95 Manual Stainless Steel Wheat Grass Juicer