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 Manual Grain Mill

If you have never tasted the delicious flavor of freshly rolled oats, you are in for a treat with the Marcato Grain Mill and our hull-less oats.

Hull-less oats are a whole grain that will store for many years. When sprouted and eaten raw, they provide enzymes, fiber, living energy, and increased nutritional value. Rolled fresh, the vitamins are still present which accounts for the great flavor and texture in cereal, granola, and cookies. Commercially rolled oats and oat groats are dead foods. They are damaged in the milling process and have been heated to a high temperature to keep them from going rancid.

The Marcato Grain Mill is a hand mill that has three rollers and three variable settings. Each kernel of soft grain is individually flattened. Hard grains such as hard red or white wheat can be cracked to make cereal. You can make flour by putting the grain through one or two more times.

Price Product Option Quantity Order Item
$79.95 Norpro Grain Mill - includes sifter
Price Product Option Quantity Order Item
$109.95 Marcato Grain Mill

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