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 Diatomaceous Earth


Diatomaceous Earth (organic shell flour) is good for keeping seeds dry and preventing insect infestation. This allows us to leave the oxygen in the buckets of seed without worrying about insects. Removing the oxygen from the buckets will reduce the shelf life of the seed causing them not to sprout. If you are storing seed, we recommend that you open the buckets periodically (once or twice a year) to allow them to be aerated. You can pour them from one bucket to another.

Diatomaceous Earth washes off the seeds when they are soaked and rinsed. When used on grains, it is safe to eat, so you can leave it on when grinding grain into flour or cracking it for cereal. You never know it is there.

We use only food grade DE because it is safe for human consumption. It is mined from one of the three deposits in the U.S. DE is a contact insecticide, which dehydrates insects. It is beneficial to both humans and animals. It is often given in capsule form to eliminate parasites in humans or added to animal feed for the same reason. Feeding DE to animals can help eliminate the growth of flies, as their maggots cannot live in manure, which has DE in it. It also helps animals because it contains natural minerals. Farmers who feed their animals DE experience less death in the baby animals because it prevents scours, a major cause of death in newborn calves and fouls

Make sure you use food grade in DE grain storage, as garden DE has additives to incapacitate bugs in the outdoors. Swimming pool DE is too caustic and impure to be eaten.

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$15.00 5 lb. bag Diatomaceous Earth